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We present the cultural heritage of Škofja Loka territory to visitors by guided tours through the Museum's permanent collection, the France Mihelič Gallery and viewing the cultural memorials in the 'field' (the old heart of Škofja Loka, Crngrob, Visoko). The tours are also run in English, German, French and Italian. We are preparing open doors days, when free entrance or entrance under one price, public guidance and museum's workshops during the year.

Additional information from curator/pedagogue Mira Kalan
tel. 04 517 04 04
or to E-mail:


Classical tour through the museum's collections
Guided viewing of the archeological, history, cultural history, art, ethnological (one of the richest collection of this kind in Slovenia), the collection of recent history and the natural science collection.
Duration: 1 hour and 15 mins.
Price for group above 20 persons: 5,50 EUR per person

Tour of the France Mihelič Gallery
The guided viewing of the collection of the Fine Arts work, which the painter donated to his native Škofja Loka, of which the majority represents the artist's painting opus from the 1970s, with the famous motif themes: 'Dafne', 'Kurent', Ure ('Clocks') and Muzikanti ('Musicians').Duration: 30 mins

Price for group above 20 persons: 4.00 EUR

Tour in the old heart of Škofja Loka
The guided viewing of the cultural history monuments of Škofja Loka, which is, with its rich architectural heritage, one of the most interesting and well-preserved medieavel towns in Slovenia. Duration: 45 min

Price for groups over 20 persons: 4.00 per person

Tour of the succursul church at Crngrob
Guided viewing of the succursul church of St. Mary of Annunciation at Crngrob, which is one of the most important testaments of Slovenian art.
Duration: 30 mins
Price for groups over 20 persons: 4.50 EUR per person

Visoko tour – viewing Tavčar's home
The viewing of Tavčar's manor (exterior), vault and the monument to Dr. Ivan Tavčar (a work of the academic sculptor Jakob Savinšek) at Visoko in Poljanska dolina. The home had for more than 250 years belonged to the family Kalan, which Tavčar describes in 'Visoška kronika'.
Duration: 30 mins
Price for groups over 20 persons: 4.50 per person

Information and arrangements by curator pedagogue Mira Kalan
tel. 04 517 04 04

Voluntary mediators in culture
In Loka Museum we give the opportunity of voluntary work as a mediator in culture, for which we like to educate. Cultural mediators come from the line of mature students of Slovenian Universities and they are students of particular fields, which cover the spheres in the Museum's represented sciences. Voluntary work in the museum allows the student to supplement acquired knowledge and rich life experiences and it offers them the opportunity to benefit others on the public behalf.

Subscription visits
For school groups: two viewings or two activities in different days for the price of one entrance fee.

Free holiday activities for children
In connection with the Association of Friends of Youth and the Local Action Group for Prevention from Addiction, we organise in February and July free holiday activities for children aged from 6 to 14 years, see Events!

Open Doors Days
In particular days of the year by programme we organise free entrance or entrance for one price, public guidance museum and museum workshops. These days coincide with:

•  Slovenian Cultural Holiday (8th. February)
•  International Day of Families (15th. May)
•  International Museum Day (18th. May)
•  Prešeren's birthday (3rd. December) etc.

See Events!

Information from curator/pedagogue Mira Kalan
tel. 04 517 04 04

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