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Museum pedagogical activies for individual target groups or specific age groups bring the museum closer to the young people using different methods.Young people are encouraged to accept new teaching content connected with heritage both in the museum and in the field, through classical guidance, telling stories, worksheets, the museum workshops and through amusement. The museum pedagogical program includes guided tours in the museum, and in the France Miheliè Gallery, visits to cultural monuments (old city centre of Škofja Loka, Crngrob, Visoko), museum lessons with worksheets, and museum workshops.  The program provides a supplement to lessons in History, Slovenian language, Natural science, Art education, Technical and Housekeeping lessons, etc. The program is carried out by a curator of the museum and students of history, archaelogy, ethnology and art history. This way the young people are given the opportunity to experience heritage as a whole and as a constistent part of the everyday environment which will be in their hands in the future. 

We offer subscription visits to schools, during the holiday breaks we organize free holiday activities for children, and we also organize Open Doors Days

  • Pedagogical program - pre-school children, children of 1st., 2nd., 3rd. year of primary school 
  • Pedagogical program - children of 4th., 5th., 6th. year of primary school
  • Pedagogical program - children of 7th., 8th., 9th. year of primary school
  • Pedagogical program - secondary school students
  • Museum workshops
  • Museum lessons

Information and arrangements by the curator of the museum, MiraKalan:  tel. 04 517 04 04


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