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Dr. Ivan Tavčar and Kalan's furniture.
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Dražžgošše before the world war two
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The Cultural History collections represent a thousand year old history of the inhabitants of Škofja Loka and its territory: the former Loka rulers (seigneury), castles, the town and guilds. There is a review of the educational system in Loka's territory and fascimile of the Škofjeloški rokopis (Škofja Loka manuscript) and of the Škofjeloški pasijon (passion). With the biographies and selected bibliography the cultural workers, litterateurs and experts from various fields, who were either born or worked here, are represented. Amongst them the writer and politician Ivan Tavčar has a particular place, since most of the exhibits relate exclusively to him. Besides Tavčar's legacy there is also Kalan's furniture (the legacy of Kalan's lineage from Visoko in Poljanska dolina, who Tavčar describes in Visoška kronika (Chronicle of Visoko), on display.

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