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The north side corridor displays the fauna of Loka territory, which expands from Sorško polje at 345m above sea level to the summit of Porezen, 1630m high. The largest collection in Gorenjska, it comprises representatives of fish, reptiles, birds and mammals. There are 105 vertebrate animals, the number of which increases every year. Visitors are especially delighted by the natural settings, designed with images from nature so that they arouse an impression of authenticity. The eye is drawn to the roebuck family, wild animals, a fox family and a group of hedgehogs. The potent golden eagle which has caught a mountain hare, tinged by winter, presents the inexhorable laws of nature which draw animals into the food chain. In the Natural Science collection one can examine: fish, reptiles, water fowl, birds of prey, owls, hens, woodpeckers, non-songbirds, songbirds, insectivores, hares, rodents, carnivorans and even-toed ungulates.


The Natural Sciences collection is complemented by the newest Painting Series of Maja Šubic with images, motifs of the vegetable world. A part of the exhibited opus contains watercolours, drafted from the principles of an herbarium, in which some characteristic flowers from the local, Škofja Loka world, more precisely from the castle garden, are included. Part of the opus shows frescoes which are thematically and formally bound to the scientific world of Charles Darwin, particularly to his diary notes in the field of botany research. The author links a far away world and the past together with the present day and the domestic, local environment into an universal image, including a story about nature. The exhibited opus creates a bridge between contemporary Loka art production and older art since, at the same time, it complements the existing Art History collection, especially the display of the artistic heritage of the Šubic family, which is on view in the adjacent corridor, and the presentation of medieval frescoes in the ground floor. In her way, the work of Škofja Loka painter Maja Šubic signifies a continuation of the tradition of artistic creativity of the famous Šubic family as well as fresco painting in Slovenia, since she is one of the rare Slovenian artists who is nowadays still engaged with the fresco technique. 

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