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The ©kofja Loka Passion is the oldest preserved drama text written in the Slovene language. The manuscript was written by Loka's Capuchin Father Romuald - Lovrenc Maru¹iè from ©tandre¾ pri Gorici in 1721. The text is composed of 869 verses and 13 images. Because of the Loka dialect in the text of the Passion we can assume that local translators also cooperated at the preparations and translations of the text. The ©kofja Loka Passion is an important cultural-historical testament through which we perceive the spiritual life and the language of that time. The ©kofja Loka Passion was performed as a penitence procession for the first time on Good Friday 11th. April 1721. Each scene was represented by villagers from one or more villages from ©kofja Loka's surroundings. The Passion was performed until 1751, in 1768 it was abolished by the archbishop of Gorica. In 1936 they presented it again on the stage of the school yard in ©kofja Loka at the trade-industrial exhibition. The photographic material in the Cultural Historyl collection shows the setting up of the ©kofja Loka Passion from 1936 and 1999.

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