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One of the first outdoor museums in Slovenia was proposed by museum professionals of Loka Museum with the cooperation of Muzejsko društvo (the Museum Association) in 1962. They transferred the old Škopar's house from Puštal and nine other objects into the castle garden.

Škopar's house was, in the opinion of Dr. Ivan Sedej, commenced in the 16th. century and it belongs to the type of the house with a black kitchen. It represents the dwelling culture of cottagers and small peasant farmers of the wider Loka environment in the period from the 16th. to the end of the 19th. centuries. The age of the house is at least partly indicated by the windows in the main dwelling room of the house, which are cut into two beams and close through a mechanism called 'zapahnice' ('bolts') and the entrance stone portal with its edges taken off which ends above the doorstep in the shape of 'ajdovo zrno' ('buckwheat grain'). A small room (closet) and a new ceiling was added to the house, most likely in the 18th. century. The house experienced its biggest renovation in 1906. A chimney was put in the black kitchen, the fireplace was rebuilt and renewed. In the same year the wooden floor and brick stove were renewed in the main dwelling area – the 'house'. The cow shed and the 'pod' (a barn, a place for treshing and storing straw and hay, carriages and tools) were also completed.

The owners of Škopar's house were, like most of the Puštal people, liable to Puštal's manor. Popular tradition says that a distant ancestor was working for Puštal's lord as a straw cutter – 'škopar'.  Therefore the house was designated as 'pri Škoparju' ('At Škopar's'). In this house tailoring was practiced eight generations back. The last tailor from this house was Franc Eržen, born in 1908. He had his workshop only in the main dwelling room, the 'hiša' ('house')  

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