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This collection concerns the history of the 20th. century in Loka territory. With numeourus photographs, maps, placards, documents and original objects, the hinterland's activities during the First World War (care for the wounded, diet, weapon and ammunition supply) is represented. In 1935 and 1936 Loka's territory was also suffering under strong strike actions in the textile, timber and shoe-making industries. During World War II it fell right on the edge of the German Reich, on the border with the Italian Ljubljana region. Race-checks and deportations (the worst at Gorenjska), mainly to Serbia and German concentration camps followed. The time for the resistance of nationally conscious citizens and departure into partisan units arose. December's insurrection in Poljanska dolina and the battle of Dražgoše, in January 1942 are very important and remarkable.  The same year in Loka territory lots of battalions of the Gorenjska detachment sprung up, next year the Prešernova brigada ('Prešeren brigade') is formed here, and in October 1943 Žiri territory was the first liberated ground in Gorenjska, and the first national liberation detachment. The occupier responded to the resistance by shooting hostages, burning the houses and whole villages, and deportations to concentration camps. On liberated ground partisan hospitals, workshops, schools, technicians and printers sprung up, the provincial and district leadership of the partisan resistance was also situated in Loka territory. The Collection is concluded with a review of the development of popular authority and the postwar rebuilding of industry, new residential settlements, schools, cultural and sport projects.

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